All the lessons have to be paid in advance at the moment you do a reservation with the teacher. You can pay cash or by bank transfer.

If you pay using bank transfer, the reservation will be confirmed after receiving the money on my account.


Finally and very important, how many hours and when is completely free, it depends on your availability and convenience. Let’s discuss about and I’ll find a time slot for you, a fixed one or a variable at your choice.


If the student has to cancel a booked lesson this can be done not later than 24 hours from beginning of it at no additional cost. The lesson will be re-booked by the teacher.

If the student cancel the lesson less than 24 hours from the beginning of it or the student doesn’t come to the lesson then the complete lesson will be accounted.

In extraordinary case the teacher can cancel the lesson with a notice period of at least 24 hours. In this case the lesson will be re-booked. If the teacher doesn’t respect the notice time the lesson will be re-booked and an additional free lesson (45 min.) will be credited to the student.

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