Useful resources to learn German

Either you decided to take German lessons from me or you decided to follow another way I’m going to provide you some resources that could be useful in the future.

No need to say that the material to learn languages is a lot, either free or not, so I’m going to mention just a small selection of what I know hoping it will be useful for you as well.

Starting with some books and course on dvd that I consider good:

Grundstufen-Grammatik für DaF. Basic gramman course.

– A Practice Grammar of German. Lehr- und Übungsbuch der Deutschen Grammatik. This grammar is good both for beginners and advanced.

– Langenscheidt Deutsch in 30 Tagen/German in 30 Days.  This course is good to break the ice with the German language.

Rosetta Stone German Level 1. I’m not a big fan of Rosetta stone method but some are.

– These course of Digital Publishing are very good:  Intensivkurs Deutsch e Interaktive Sprachreise for different levels.

German with ease from Assimil. Short course but very well structured.

This is the link of the Goethe-Institut,  the Federal Republic of Germany’s cultural institution, it offers German class in many countries of the world as well as in Germany.

On internet is possible to find many podcast for example Germanpod101 and pukkagerman.

Online dictionary:

– the Pons dictionary  is one of the most famous in Germany.

Leo is the most know online dictionary from German to other languages.

Of course if you want other suggestions you can write to me.

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