The course of the TestDaF

If a foreigner wants to study at a German university, he has first to pass the German language test, called TestDaF. DaF is a word that you hear commonly in Germany, it means Deutsch als Fremdsprache. the testDaF certificates is enough for many course of studybut not for all.

Very often future students don’t really know what they can expect from this kind of language test.

In the following I would like to give a short overview of the single parts of the TestDaF.

In General this German test is composed by 4 different parts:

Reading. The first part is the reading comprehension. The participants are given 3 texts with 30 exercise they have to resolve in 60 minutes. For this part of the test they also receive a separate sheet of paper for taking notes. The official answers have to be written on the official answers papers. Only the latter will be marked.

Listening. In the second part you have to face the listening comprehension. You listen to 3 different texts and have to answer to 25 given exercises. The working time here is 40 minutes. Also for this part the participant will get a sheet for the notes which he then has to write on the answer sheets. The notes papers are not marked.

Writing. The third part is called text production. Every participant has to write in 60 minutes a text about a given subject.

Speaking. The fourth and last part is the oral expression. You were given 7 exercises about which you have to talk. The important thing is, that these 7 exercises represent 7 different situations, about that you have to able to say something in German. The time for this last part is only half an hour.


I hope this help you to get through the testDaF, if you need help or have some doubt you can contact me, in any case I wish you a good luck!


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