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The 5 most important language schools in Munich

The offer of language schools in Munich is really big so that it is quite easy to loose the overview. To help you, the following list shall give a short resume of the most important language schools that can be found in Munich.Berlitz. Since more than 135 years of existence this schools for sure belongs to the oldest language schools in the world. But Berlitz is not just famous for his global...

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New Offer Christmas 2014

Do you need gift ideas for this Christmas? Here is a special one for your family and friends Special Christmas offer 2014. This year present a private German course to your beloved family and friends.

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Greeting in Germany #1

Guten Morgen, today I propose you how to greet people in Germany. Here you go with three ways to greet informally in German: Ciao, Tschüss and Servus. These are the differences: – Ciao is a friendly way to say goodbye to someone, originally it is an Italian word but is liked and used also in the South of Germany. – Tschüss is mostly used in the North of Germany and isn’t liked...

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Tips #2 for learning German

If you follow my blog very likely you are taking German lessons with me. This is great and I’ll help you with grammar, conversation, reading and everything else. But, it’s important that you work on your German learning also outside the lessons. Not only doing homework, you need to get familiar with the sounds of the German. You can listen television, radio, podcast, or simply the...

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Tips on learning German

I found this interesting page. It provides some basic tips to all who are learning German. Don’t forget: Learn nouns with their genders Learning a new language takes time. I would add also: buy a good German-German dictionary.

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