The 5 most important language schools in Munich

The offer of language schools in Munich is really big so that it is quite easy to loose the overview.

To help you, the following list shall give a short resume of the most important language schools that can be found in Munich.

  1. Berlitz. Since more than 135 years of existence this schools for sure belongs to the oldest language schools in the world. But Berlitz is not just famous for his global popularity but also for his specific “Berlitz-method”, which is a particular teaching method. In Munich there are 2 Berlitz schools, both located very central. I was able to collect experience as a language teacher for this institute.
  2. Sprachschule Aktiv. It is a language school with a big offer of language courses and has many seats. Just in Munich there are 3 schools. In addition to that Sprachschule Aktiv has school in other German cities and also in Barcelona in Spain.
  3. Deutschakademie. This school has specialize only in German language courses. It has a central position in Munich and offers above all group courses at three different times during the day.
  4. Goethe-Institut. Also this language institute offers courses just for the German language. Besides this Goethe Institute is famous in the whole world and has a seat in nearly every big city. The specific thing is that it offers, different than other language schools, various language exams.
  5. Volkshochschule München (VHS München). Besides language courses for nearly every language the VHS offers also cultural courses and cooking courses and almost any course you can think of.  The Volkshochschule has offices in many cities in Germany, not only big cities. Especially the low prices allow to do courses for every kind of wallet.



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